Linksys Router password is also an admin password, it is used when accessing the web based setup page of the router. For all Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router’s default password is admin.  But, it will recommend you to personalize your password to secure the router from unauthorized access. 


  • Router password is NOT the Wi-Fi password.  For the guidance on managing the basic Wi-Fi settings with the use of the Linksys cloud account, click here.
  • Images of a web-based setup page are based on your router’s model number, it can be different as per the model.
  • In case you forgot the router’s password, you have the option to perform the hardware reset for restoring the router to factory default settings. This also means that your router will be going through the configuration process. For more instructions on resetting your router, click here. For guidance on how to set up your router, click here. 
linksys password update

Update Linksys router password with Linksys cloud account

Step 1:

First, login to your Linksys cloud account.  For instructions, click here

Step 2:

Click on Connectivity.

linksys router settings

Step 3:

Select the basic tab and under it, click on Edit from Router Password.

linksys router connectivity

Step 4:

Type your router’s Current password.  Now in the next box enter your New password which you want to use for your router and re-enter it in ‘Confirm new password’ field.

linksys router password

Some Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers only have the option to enter the New password.  Click the icon for viewing the password. You can also choose the optional Router password hint.  

router password setting

QUICK TIP:  You can also use the character combinations (including special characters) to create your router password.

Step 5:

Click on Apply button.

Step 6:

Now click on Yes on the showing pop-up box.  Then click on Ok.

linksys router password change